Becoming an
Owner Builder?

At PAAL, we make it easy for you to obtain your Owner Builder Permit and, better still. it's FREE

...that's a saving of $650 you can put toward your new PAAL home!

Obtaining your 'White Card'.

We assist your enrolling in a 1 day course on Working Safely in the Construction Industry
to obtain your ‘White Card’ through a registered training organisation near you...
and we’ll pay the course fee!

Complete the course in Owner Builder Compliance.

We provide you with preferred access to a fully accredited online owner builder course.
The course is conducted totally on-line & can be completed in less than 3 days...
and we’ll pay the course fee!

Obtain your Owner Builders Permit from the Dept of Fair Trading.

We provide you with the Owner Builders Permit application form, assist you to complete it...
and we’ll pay the application fee!

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