Up to 70% Savings

"We estimate that we saved at least $100,000"
Brendan & Karen Helmrich, Hartley NSW

Couple standing in front of kit home paid for with finance.

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Buyers of kit homes make substantial savings by not involving a builder in the process. They do this through doing the work themselves or owner managing the process thus eliminating the ‘middleman’ …the builder.

In terms of affordability, kit homes are cheaper than a traditional project home build. These savings are achieved by not involving the builder. Builders typically take on average, 30% of the project value for mostly acting as the project manager. On top of the 30% savings by not using a builder, Kit Home buyers can achieve even greater savings by doing some of the work themselves. You can do as little or as much as you like, the more you do the more you save. It is not unusual for buyers of kit homes to save upwards of 70% of their construction costs and in some cases with a lot of work up to 90%.

In addition to cost savings, building a kit home can result in reduced build times: because the owner builder is in control of the project they can arrange for trades for the construction when they are ready for them. Builders typically send trades to site when it suits them and not the customer and this leads to much longer build times.

Estimates for slab and trades such as plumbing, electrical, etc. vary for each home design. We can give you an estimate to help determine your project budget.

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