PAAL... Kit homes for the hands-on owner builder

You can build your own home... WE GUARANTEE IT!

No home building experience needed!

We supply precision engineered, factory assembled, wall panels and roof truss frames that are easy to handle and erect.
Simply match the numbered panels to the numbered plan, it’s easy, we call it ‘Building by numbers’.

By following our user friendly step-by-step instruction manual, we put you in charge of building your own home.

...and, you are not alone, we have an experienced customer back up team, ready to assist you along the way if needed.

If you would like to see how it’s done, make an appointment to visit one of our Housing Design Consultants, 1800 024 912

Here are just a few of the many do-it-yourself Paal owner builders, if they can do it...

You can too... GUARANTEED!

WE GUARANTEE that any Paal kit home can be built by following our personally customised detailed plans and instruction manual.

We are the only kit home supplier who gives such a guarantee and we say so in writing.

We further guarantee that all components of our product will be supplied complete and free from defects.