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Designing for Climate with Paal

5 May 2023

There’s much to consider when you embark on your home building journey. You need to decide where and how you want to live.

Owner-managing your build with Paal

5 May 2023

When you build with Paal, there are three options to consider. You can owner-build and complete the project yourself, you can engage a builder to carry out the work, or you can owner-manage, where you complete some of the work, while subcontracting tradespeople for certain jobs.

Six ways to improve your home’s thermal efficiency

30 January 2019

Intelligent design, orientation and outfitting of your home can save a lot of heating and cooling costs. Here are factors to consider when trying to achieve a high energy efficiency rating.

How the wind rating for your home is calculated

27 August 2018

Your Paal home will have a wind rating that’s determined by the consideration of four factors. These are the Region, the Terrain Category, a Shielding Factor and the Topography of the land.

Concrete slabs have varying thermal efficiencies

13 August 2018

New homes are generally built on concrete slabs, of which there are two main types. The first is the raft slab and the second type, becoming more common, is the waffle pod slab.

We'll help you develop your ideal site

19 April 2018

If you've bought your land and are thinking about the right house to build on it, talk to us at Paal. Our site advice may be the best way to start you off.

Your Home Project is Precisely Managed

13 April 2017

PAAL Kit Homes’ fully-integrated software system gives complete tracking of the production of your home, from its’ initial design through to deliveries to your site.

Landscaping to make an impression

13 December 2016

Often, when creating a new home, we focus on the house and forget the surrounding landscape. However garden areas play an equally important role, adding to your property’s charm and value.

Collect home ideas that inspire you

5 December 2016

Building a home from scratch can feel overwhelming. However, according to Paal’s design consultant Narelle Jarman, creating an inspiration book or mood board can help enormously.

Let there be light

28 November 2016

Lighting plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and liveable home for you and your family.

Why Build with PAAL Kit Homes?

27 May 2016

The most advanced Steel Frame System made from 100% Australian Bluescope Steel, CSIRO strength tested, Hi-Tensile steel, no welding, no rust, no termites, and many more benefits!

Not All Whites Are White

16 May 2016

You’ve finally decided on a clean white backdrop for your interior design, only to be faced with hundreds of options, ranging from stark whites to creamy beiges. How do you determine which white is right for you?

The Magic Kitchen Triangle

6 May 2016

Kitchen designers often discuss the importance of the ‘kitchen triangle’, which ensures the most efficient layout possible. Major tasks are generally carried out between the cooktop, sink and refrigerator. Join these three points and it creates a triangle.

Find your perfect exterior colour scheme

22 April 2016

Choosing a colour scheme for the exterior of your home may feel daunting. However, according to Paal’s colour consultant Narelle Jarman, there are easy rules to help with the process.

Your personalised home kit – just as you like it

14 April 2016

Paal is very flexible about what it offers customers in its kits, which means you are able to configure your home just as you wish.

Paal provides home kits – and much more

8 April 2016

Everything you need – apart from the concrete slab – comes in the kit, so it’s a rational way of controlling your building costs. The fixed price you pay makes expenses predictable, avoiding a possible budget blow-out because of unanticipated extras.

Paal is the best bushfire compliance partner

4 April 2016

If you plan to build in a bushfire prone area, Paal will work with you to ensure your new home is as fire-resistant as possible and complies with the construction requirements of the BAL (bushfire attack level) category that applies to your site.

Visit your local council first

23 March 2016

Before you start talking to Paal about your new kit home, it’s a good idea to first visit the local council and catch up with the planning rules that may affect your project.

Ensure you build on a firm foundation

17 March 2016

Before building, your soil will need to be tested to ensure that the structure of the home foundation is appropriate for the type of ground it will rest on.

Being wise with your house plans

11 March 2016

When visualising your dream home, there are potential issues that could end up affecting the plans. You can be prepared by being aware of some of these in advance.

Commonly asked Home Questions

25 February 2016

An infographic summarizing commonly asked questions.

Paal will help with your BASIX assessment

19 February 2016

Paal’s own BASIX consultant will evaluate your house plans, with the cost of this assessment already included in the price of the home.

What is Owner Building?

27 October 2015

Owner building is a term used to describe a person who takes on the role of the builder in order to build their own home.

Six facts you should know about kit homes

11 September 2015

Not all kit homes are equivalent. Many are intended to be erected by professionals. Paal is the leading kit home manufacturer whose homes are designed to be constructed by the owner builder or owner manager. We stand proudly by our tagline “Owner building made easy”.

DIY tips for building your kit home

07 September 2015

From choosing a home design that is appropriate to the size and setting of your block, to using a portable scaffold for erecting the roof trusses on a Paal’s larger homes, and many more tips.

Learn how to become an owner builder

31 August 2015

Paal helps its customers to build their own homes by paying for recently-expanded training courses. This bonus from Paal is intended to ease the burden of new measures that are intended to improve owner builder safety and ensure all houses are completed to a professional standard.

Key questions to ask before choosing a kit home

20 August 2015

How long will it take to build my kit home? When do I pay for my home? Will I save money if I buy a kit home? Do I have to accept the whole Paal kit? What happens if I can’t complete my home?

Some of the advantages of building a kit home

10 August 2015

Kit homes are ideal for people who have always wanted the satisfaction of building their own home, but don’t wish to spend thousands of hours learning how to become a skilled tradesperson.

Benefits of Steel Frame Homes

20 July 2015

Engineered Hi-tensile steel frame system that simply bolts together. CSIRO tested and proven stronger, snow loading, cyclone and flame zone ratings, and termite proof.

10 Easy Steps to Building Your Own PAAL Kit Home

20 July 2015

Owner building a PAAL Kit Home in 10 easy steps from designing and changing the flooplan to suit your needs, preparing and lodging plans, and laying foundations to erecting the frame, roofing, cladding and internal finishes.

Bushfire upgrade now available

28 July 2014

The building code of Australia or BCA stipulates the various building standards that are required under each of these BAL ratings.

To Fully Appreciate Your New Home, You Must See it for Yourself

05 June 2014

As we all know, nobody would buy a car without inspecting and driving it, yet amazingly some people are willing to commit to a new kit home, unseen, from a website or brochure.

Tips for Success When Building a Kit Home

05 July 2013

Steel frame kit homes are the perfect option for many prospective homeowners who are looking for affordable, yet attractive homes for their families. One of the benefits of kit homes in NSW, Queensland and Victoria is that the kits are designed to allow homeowners to build their own residences.

Options for Building a Kit Home

02 August 2013

Part of the appeal of purchasing a kit home is the flexibility with which the home is built. If you're considering a steel frame kit home for your new house, you'll have many options for building.

Six Advantages of Steel Frame Kit Homes

19 April 2013

One of the first things people ask when they begin to research the possibilities for building kit homes in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and other parts of Australia, is why they should opt for a steel frame kit home as opposed to a contractor's spec home or a custom-built design?

The NSW Owner-Builder Permit

31 May 2013

If you're planning to build your own steel frame kit home in New South Wales, it's important to understand the state's requirements for owner-builders. To help you avoid potential legal problems and ensure that you comply with local regulations, we put together this guide to the owner-builder permit.

Four Things to Consider When Comparing Kit Homes

12 July 2013

Making the decision to purchase a kit home to build yourself or have erected by a contractor is just the first step toward having the new home of your dreams. Once you know that it's indeed a kit home that's suitable for you, you'll need to decide which kit home in particular is the best for your family.