The NSW Owner-Builder Permit

31 May 2013

If you're planning to build your own steel frame kit home in New South Wales, it's important to understand the state's requirements for owner-builders. To help you avoid potential legal problems and ensure that you comply with local regulations, we put together this guide to the owner-builder permit.

When an Owner-Builder Permit Is Necessary

The laws of New South Wales require an owner-builder permit for all types of projects that meet certain criteria. When the cost of labour and materials exceeds $5,000, the permit is mandatory, meaning that one is generally needed when building your own kit home. The permit is necessary whether you'll be completing the work entirely on your own or will be working alongside sub-contractors or hired labour.

Requirements for an NSW Owner-Builder Permit

To qualify for an NSW Owner-Builder Permit, you don't need formal training as a contractor; however, you are required to complete White Card construction safety training. If the total cost of labour and materials is over $12,000, completing a second owner-builder training course is also required. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old and own all or at least one-third of the land upon which you intend to build your kit home.

How to Get Your Owner-Builder Permit

After completing the necessary training, you'll need to visit an Office of Fair Trading Centre location in NSW. Proof of land ownership, a development application, your building plans and proof that you've completed the required training must all be presented at the time of application.

PAAL Kit Homes provides complete support to help you through the permitting process. We assist you with registering for the necessary classes and will even cover the course fees. In addition, we provide you with the application for the permit and pay the cost of the application fee. It's a standard part of all of our steel frame kit home packages, which are designed to make building your kit home as simple as possible.

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