Four Things to Consider When Comparing Kit Homes

12 July 2013

Fitzroy kit home facadeMaking the decision to purchase a kit home to build yourself or have erected by a contractor is just the first step toward having the new home of your dreams. Once you know that it's indeed a kit home that's suitable for you, you'll need to decide which kit home in particular is the best for your family. As you compare the options available, remember the following things to help ensure you make the best choice.

1. The Layout of Your Land – Although it's obvious that the overall dimensions of your property will partly determine the type of kit home you can build , thinking about the layout of the ground might not be as obvious. Some properties are narrow and require floor plans with a limited frontage and a deeper design. If you have a sharp change in elevation across the back of your property, you might need just the opposite – a house with wider frontage.

2. The Size of Your Family – The number of people in your family will also be an important consideration when you're comparing kit home styles. Consider whether you'll want your children to share bedrooms and how much space is needed for everyone to be comfortable. Also take into account whether you're likely to add to your family in the future.

3. Your Aesthetic Tastes – Just as you can have a home custom built in an extensive variety of styles, you can find kit homes inspired by many schools of architecture. Whether you want the classic look of a Colonial or a cosy vacation cottage, there is a kit home design that will ideally suit your tastes.

Robertson kit home facade4. Your Personal Desirables – Every family has a list of desirables in a home. Maybe you aren't willing to forego the convenience of an attached garage. Perhaps you like a large veranda for the children to play on. Before you even begin to look at kit homes, write down the features and conveniences most important in making your house a home for you and your family.

Even if you're eager to get your project under way, you just can't rush the shopping process if you want to build your ideal kit home. Remember that you can customise PAAL steel frame kit homes to have a desirable feature added.

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