Bushfire upgrades now available

28 July 2014

Bushfire Attack Levels, or Bal ratings as they are commonly referred to, are national ratings used to describe the particular risk building sites may be subject to under certain bushfire conditions.

The building code of Australia or BCA stipulates the various building standards that are required to be used under each of these Bal ratings.

Each of these ratings has certain cost implications associated with their implementation. PAAL Kit Homes has responded to these regulations, our range of steel frame homes can now be manufactured to the following levels Bal Low (lowest risk), Bal 12.5, Bal 19, Bal 29, Bal 40 and Bal FZ (FLAME ZONE) requirements.

For further information on these ratings and the implications for your particular design, please call one of our housing consultants today on 1800 024 912.

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