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The Camden is just 13 metres wide and is suited for a corner block in town or for acreage out of town. PAAL Australia NSW, VIC, QLD.


10 Easy Steps to Building Your Own PAAL Kit Home

20 July 2015

Select a Paal Kit Home Design and make floorplan changes to suit your needs. We prepare the quote. After quote approval, we prepare kit home plans for council and contractors. You lodge the kit home plans with council for approval. Once plans are approved arrange for foundations to be laid. Familiarize yourself with construction manual and building process. We deliver stage 1 kit home materials (everything to lock up). Erect kit home steel frame, add cladding and arrange for the electrician and plumber. When ready we arrange 2nd delivery of internals and PC items. Fix internals and kitchen, arrange connections with electrician and plumber. Apply finishing touches like painting. Stand back and admire your owner builder kit home achievement!

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