Some of the advantages of building a kit home

10 August 2015

Kit homes are ideal for people who have always wanted the satisfaction of building their own home, but don’t wish to spend thousands of hours learning how to become a skilled tradesperson.

Paal Kit Homes is a company that will provide the support you need to accomplish your homebuilding dream. All that is required from you is basic handyman skills and a commitment to your project.

Paal have spent 54 years honing their home kits and instruction manual, which means they are able to offer their unique guarantee that you will be able to complete your home and be delighted with the result. Once you purchase your home kit from Paal, you are never left on your own.

While the satisfaction of completing your own home is the reason why many of our customers come to us, many are also thrilled that they are able to save money by contributing their own labour and project management skills to the project.

Typically, Paal owner-builders save between $50,000 and $150,000 this way. These savings often allow our owner builders to be more ambitious with the type of home design they choose.

In effect, they are able to achieve their dream home now, instead of building a starter home, then trading up later to a larger and more beautiful residence.

Of course, not everybody wants to become an owner builder or has the time to do so. Some people would rather leave the actual assembly of their home to professionals, but are nevertheless willing to manage the project and call it their own.

A kit home is a good choice for these people too. By overseeing the job and directing your own tradespeople, you have control over the building process. You also stand to pocket significant savings, as the profit from the management process remains in your hands instead of going to the contracting builder.

Finally, a kit home is a great idea if you intend building in a remote location where tradespeople are not readily accessible and you can’t easily get to a building supply store.

The entire Paal home kit – complete down to the last bolt and screw, not to mention the soap holders and smoke detectors – is delivered to your site in two loads. The first includes everything you need to build to the lock-up stage (does not include concrete or timber floor), while the second delivery contains all the internal fixtures and fittings.

No worrying about missing parts, or having to drive hundreds of kilometres to buy additional materials from the hardware store!

By choosing the kit home option, you can make big savings while truthfully being able to say that you built it yourself. Who wouldn’t want that?

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