Six facts you should know about kit homes

11 September 2015
  1. Not all kit homes are equivalent. Many are intended to be erected by professionals. Paal is the leading kit home manufacturer whose homes are designed to be constructed by the owner builder or owner manager. We stand proudly by our tagline “Owner building made easy”. In fact we guarantee that any reasonably handy person will be able to erect one of our homes by following our detailed instructions.
  2. When finished, a Paal kit home is indistinguishable from a professionally built house. It won’t look like a pre-constructed or modular home. Nor will it have a lesser market value. This is ensured by Paal’s timeless designs, the quality of the kit materials and the professionalism of our building processes.
  3. Paal makes it easy for you to obtain your owner builders licence :
    1. Obtain your ‘White Card’.
      We assist your enrolling in a 1 day course on Working Safely in the Construction Industry to obtain your ‘White Card’ through a registered training organisation near you... and we’ll pay the course fee!
    2. Complete the course in Owner Builder Compliance.
      We provide you with preferred access to a fully accredited on-line course.  The course is conducted totally on-line & can be completed in less than 3 days... and we’ll pay the course fee!
    3. Obtain your Owner Builders Permit from the Dept of Fair Trading.
      We provide you with the Owner Builders Permit application form, assist you to complete it... and we’ll pay the application fee!
  4. Paal’s unique hi-tensile galvanised-steel wall frames and roof trusses give a higher strength-to-weight ratio and have been tested by the CSIRO to ensure their outstanding performance. The frames and trusses can be further braced to handle cyclonic wind-loadings and snow-loadings in parts of the country where this is essential. There’s nothing imprecise about how we engineer our homes.
  5. Your kit home can be delivered anywhere in Australia. Our display centres are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but we service the entire country – and have also sent our home kits overseas.
  6. Paal buyers and their partners who travel interstate to visit our display homes will have their travel costs reimbursed if you decide to go ahead with a Paal home, including the flight, overnight accommodation and car rental. And when you do commence building, our comprehensive after-sales support remains the same, whether you live in Perth, Hobart or the Top End.
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