What is Owner Building?

27 October 2015

A step-by-step process that puts you in charge of building your own home.

Owner building is a term used to describe a person who takes on the role of the builder in order to build their own home.

Owner builders fall into two categories;

  1. Owner Builders - hands on approach, tackling some or most of the physical work themselves depending on their individual abilities or skills, and sub-contracting out the work they can’t or are not prepared to do.
  2. Owner Managers - sub-contracting out all the work to skilled trades people but organising the trades to do the work as required.

Regulatory requirements to become an owner builder.

Regulatory requirements to become an owner builder vary from state to state, however most states require people to obtain an Owner Builder permit. 

This requires that they undertake an Owner Builders course and in some states also obtain a White Card (NSW) before being issued with an Owner Builders permit.

Paal Kit Homes provide all their customers with a free Owner Builders course and White Card and we pay for the Owner Builders Permit.

Why buying a Paal Kit Home makes Owner Building easier.

  • Nearly all materials are supplied in a Paal Kit Home, apart from; slab (or floor), shower screens/mirrors, wiring, pipes and top coat paint.
  • Council Plans including site plan are provided, negating the need to engage external drafting services.
  • Basix Certificate - energy, thermal and water requirements.
  • Fixed Price for 12 months once you deposit - peace of mind whilst you build, knowing your budget is safe.
  • Proven designs that work, as all Paal Homes are engineered to your individual site requirements, such as Snow Loading, Wind speeds and Bush Fire requirements.
  • Expert advice and assistance prior to and during the build.
  • Materials delivered in 3 stages as they are required during construction.
  • Easy payments structure - 4 payments including deposit.
  • Customised Building manual.  (Paal manuals are individually written for each job to ensure that you receive a manual that is specific to only your home. This avoids confusion and mistakes) No one else in the kit home industry does this, except Paal.
  • Easy Frame assembly.  The unique Paal Building System enables even the novice Owner Builder to erect their frame with ease.  The individually numbered frame components simply bolt together.  Difficult frame assembly knowledge is not required with the Paal Framing System.
  • Savings. You will save with the Paal Building System simply because you can build it yourself, Paal Guarantee it.

The Owner Building Process- 10 easy steps

  1. Select a design and make changes to suit you. We prepare quote.
  2. After quote approval, we prepare plans for council and contractors.
  3. You lodge plans with Council for approval.
  4. Once plans are approved, arrange for foundations to be laid.
  5. Familiarise yourself with construction manual and building process.
  6. We deliver stage 1 materials (everything to lock-up).
  7. Start to erect the frame, arrange electrician and plumber.
  8. When ready we arrange 2nd delivery of internals and PC items.
  9. Fix internals and kitchen, arrange connections with electrician and plumber.
  10. Apply finishing touches like painting. Stand back and admire your achievement.
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