Paal is the best bushfire compliance partner

4 April 2016

If you plan to build in a bushfire prone area, Paal will work with you to ensure your new home is as fire-resistant as possible and complies with the construction requirements of the BAL (bushfire attack level) category that applies to your site.

BAL-12.5 requires ember protection, while BAL-19 also needs safeguards against radiant heat. BAL-29 requires additional defence from attack by burning debris, and BAL-40 demands flame-contact protection as well.

The highest category, Flame Zone, applies where radiant heat and flame contact are likely to threaten the building’s integrity.

Flame Zone experience

Paal Kit Homes is experienced in handling all the bushfire categories, all the way up to Flame Zone.

The category of your block will be determined by the type of vegetation, how close that will be to your home, the slope of the land (fire spreads faster uphill), and the fire danger index applicable to your region.

For example, the highest BAL-FZ Flame Zone level could require home protection measures that include toughened glass windows, steel verandah posts, and even wrapping the house from top to bottom in an insulating blanket. Metal shutters might be necessary.

Lower-rated BAL categories require much less stringent protections, although may mean more construction work than a normal build to ensure that fire-resistant components are correctly installed.

Your fire report

Paal is a good choice of supplier if you intend building on bushland. We are well-practised at customising kits for all BAL categories including Flame Zone.

Paal can advise you on how to obtain a fire report for your land, which is needed before you present plans to council.

The report will be prepared by a fire consultant. We can provide you with the names of fire consultants, or you can go to the Rural Fire Service website which has a list of accredited consultants you can contact.