Paal provides home kits – and much more

8 April 2016

Put simply, a kit home is a package of materials for the owner-builder, owner-manager or professional builder.

Everything you need – apart from the concrete slab – comes in the kit, so it’s a rational way of controlling your building costs. The fixed price you pay makes expenses predictable, avoiding a possible budget blow-out because of unanticipated extras.

Even if you don’t intend erecting the home yourself, purchasing a complete kit can make the job easier for the licensed builder, as he or she is not required to source the materials. This is a significant benefit if your home site is in an isolated rural area that’s far from a building supply store.

Unbeatable inclusions

Paal’s kits make the job as easy as possible for the owner-builder or owner-manager by supplying the most inclusions of any kit home company. We also provide a wide range of choice, as can be seen on our inclusions page.

The concrete slab isn’t included in our kit package as this needs to be built on site by professional trades.

Some customers prefer to build on bearers and joists. In some circumstances, this option can be cheaper.

However if you are building a brick veneer home on a level site, bearers and joists and a wooden floor will generally cost up to 30 per cent more than concrete.

Bearers and joists also have heating implications. They have no thermal mass, which in a cold climate could impact on your home’s energy rating. Another factor to be considered is that they will increase the overall height of your home, which could require you to use professional scaffolding. Paal’s consultants can offer advice best suited to your site’s requirements.

Total support

While Paal is a kit home supplier, we are of course much more than that. Our building package comes with a total support system to ensure that you can complete your home.

Paal’s housing consultants work with you to launch the project, and will always be on call throughout the building process to assist if needed.