Your personalised home kit – just as you like it

14 April 2016

Paal is very flexible about what it offers customers in its kits, which means you are able to configure your home just as you wish.

You can change the floor plan, add to or alter the exterior, and redesign the kitchen or bathroom to suit your individual taste. As well, you can select from our almost endless range of finishes and fittings.

If you do decide to go for something else, your choices can be substituted for the normal items in the kit, with credits being given. At no stage are you compelled to take Paal’s standard inclusions.

This allows you a great deal of flexibility to customise your home and apply your own design ideas.

Interiors, exteriors

Paal’s interior layouts can be modified. Since the internal walls of our homes don’t support the roof frame, the rooms can be altered to make them almost any shape or size that you want them to be.

The external dimensions of our homes are also flexible. You can shrink or stretch the external walls, adding verandahs of varying depths in either straight or bullnose profiles.

Some people choose to add a covered alfresco area at the back of the house, providing a relaxed outdoor living and dining space.

Garages and carports

And of course many buyers add garages and carports, modelled to match our house designs. These additions can be single, double or free-standing.

Paal Kit Homes customers often have their own ideas about finishing details such as doors, windows and fireplaces. Our consultants are happy to discuss these and accommodate your wishes, achieving an outcome that suits both your taste and budget.