Let there be light

28 November 2016

Lighting plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and liveable home for you and your family.

“Take time to think about how you’re going to use your space and make a lighting plan you can discuss with your electrician,” says Paal’s design consultant, Narelle Jarman.

“It’s advisable to look at where you want to put furniture, and look at things like where light switches are going to be, for the flow of how you’re going to live.”

Go Natural

Look at the orientation and layout of rooms in order to make the best use of natural light and consider the size of your windows so you can capture as much light as possible.

“Take advantage of the large windows included in the Paal home designs,” she says. “Then there’s no need to have lights turned on during daylight hours.”

Set The Mood

Lighting creates atmosphere in your home, particularly at night, and variation is the key. Lamps are an inexpensive way to set a softer mood and can be used to backlight a plant or to feature artwork. The kitchen can have well-lit work areas, while recessed lighting under above-bench cabinetry provides soft filtered light in the evening.

“Look at varying your light levels with dimmers,” says Narelle.

“And check your choice of globes, with ‘warm white’ typically used for household rooms, ‘cool white’ – similar to natural light – used in offices and garages and workshops, and ‘daylight’ suitable for bathrooms and laundries.”