Landscaping to make an impression

13 December 2016

Often, when creating a new home, we focus on the house and forget the surrounding landscape. However garden areas play an equally important role, adding to your property’s charm and value.

Narelle Jarman, design consultant for Paal, advises planning the outdoor areas at the same time as your house.

“Look at the house and land as a whole,” she says. “You don’t have to have everything worked out, but try to have an idea where the driveway will be, the entertaining areas and the different zones.”

Looking Good

Landscaping is the first thing people see, so you want to make an impression. “It adds aesthetically to your home.”

You can also add your own personality and style with vegetation, outdoor furniture and garden art. “Have a bit of fun with it,” Narelle says.

“Often landscape gardeners use about five plants then repeat – you’ll be surprised how mass planting of one thing can really make a difference.”

Slowly but Surely

Narelle suggests planting vegetation straight away, giving it time to establish. “Plant your trees when you start to build because they’re the skeleton and take time to grow,” she says. “If your build is going to take 12 months, you’ll be amazed at the difference the trees will make.”

Cut The Cost

Although organising a garden can be expensive, planting trees when they’re small is more economical.

“You can’t always afford to do a lot, but you can do little by little. Pot cuttings from friends and family, and look around the area to see what grows successfully.”

Sustainable Living

The surrounding landscape can reduce energy costs by helping to cool down or warm your home.

“It gives shade and provides windbreaks,” says Narelle. “You may not want trees close to your home, but you do need some shade as it will cool the area down, rather than having it completely stark.”

In The Zone

Landscaping gives structure and depth to your property and offers separate zones, perhaps a veggie garden, an area for children to play or simply a peaceful corner to relax.

It can also be used to block items that you don’t want to feature. “You can put nice trees around a shed or water tank so it doesn’t stand out.”

Indoor/outdoor areas such as alfrescos are popular and landscaping enhances these spaces, allowing style and comfort to flow easily from inside to out.

“We now tend to focus on indoor/outdoor living,” says Narelle. “It’s another room or at the very least an extension of our living spaces.”