Your Home Project is Precisely Managed

13 April 2017

Paal’s fully-integrated software system gives complete tracking of the production of your home, from its initial design through to deliveries to your site.

Our software has been crafted and enhanced over the years, ensuring that you benefit from the best back-end technology available. We have two fulltime IT specialists working in-house.

The system’s built-in flexibility allows you to customise your home design with ease, change the floor plan, vary the inclusions if you wish, and build exactly the home you choose.

You’ll receive an instruction manual that’s tailored to your chosen design, not a one-size-fits-all guide that contains sections that are irrelevant to the build.


The bespoke Paal experience begins in one of our three display centres when you sit down with a housing and design consultant and tell us your ideas for your dream project.

We’ll start with the closest design to this ideal and work on it with you from there. Customisation is as easy as a click of a mouse!

Paal’s software enables our Housing and Design Consultants to obtain information on everything from the number of roof sheets to plaster board and brick quantities, enabling us to provide you with accurate estimations of trade costs – a very valuable tool indeed for staying on budget!

Once you’re happy and decide to go ahead, the entire process will be smoothly managed by our system.

  • We will produce a site plan and a BASIX building sustainability certificate for you to submit to council for approval. The documents will take into account any bushfire, snow loading or cyclonic requirements.  
  • The framing components for your home manufactured by our on-site factory in Emu Plains, NSW.
  • Component deliveries from our suppliers likewise managed.
  • Truck deliveries of your kit will be scheduled.
  • Peace-of-mind phone support to ensure you always have back up.

This seamless process ensures that you have worry-free supply and support from Paal, allowing you to focus on obtaining maximum enjoyment from your build. For more information, call us on 1800 024 912.