Classic Kit Homes

Feel right at home with PAAL’s wide range of Kit Homes that are completely suited to fit your needs and ideal home. Our classic kit homes come as a package of materials for the owner-builder, owner-manager or professional builder. Kit homes allow a simple way to select your preferred design and have the job done quicker and easier. You are in control of your plan and the entire building process.

A popular style that has seen grow over the years has been the classic style of homes. We offer a wide range of classic kit homes that can be adapted and shaped to your preference. Classic style homes are a simple design, and we give you the freedom to change and alter our plans as you like.

We provide more than just a kit, we offer unbeatable inclusions and total support with your home journey. With 48 years of experience with home kits and instruction manuals, we guarantee that our expert advice will lead you in the right direction.

Our PAAL consultants give you the right advice to ensure your journey in creating your home is an enjoyable one. We work closely with you to launch your project and will call throughout the building process and are always willing to assist if needed. We ensure a proper support system to complete your home.

Being a Classic Style design, there is definitely room for additions and alteration. With such flexible with plans, we offer adjustable options to our classic kit homes and give you 100% control.