Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Notice

Q. How does Covid-19 effect my build?

Please note that in the current Covid climate, builders are next to impossible to get a hold of. Some have an up to two year waiting list. Due to this, builders are also becoming more expensive.

Please bear this in mind or consider building as an owner-builder/owner-manager instead.


Q. What is and isn’t included in a Paal Kit home kit?

A. Click here for comprehensive list of inclusions. You will see that the kit includes everything from the insulation in the walls and in the ceiling right through to the taps in the bathroom and the tools to get the job done. The items our kit does not include is the floor, and those items provided by trades such as electric cable and the electrical switch box, plumbing pipes in walls and shower screens, and carpet/floor covering and topcoat paint. Everything else is there.


Q. How long does it take from placing an order to delivery?

A. Once we have all the necessary information from you for preparation of plans and your deposit is paid :

  • We will need 30 days to draw up your council plans.
  • Council will take anything from 4-10 weeks (depending on council) to approve the plans.
  • You can then commence earth works to prepare ground for either slab or raised floor construction, (2- 3 weeks)
  • After which you would either
    • erect the slab (2-3 weeks, allowing for curing)
    • or erect raised floor system (3-6 weeks depending on size).
  • We then deliver the Lock-up materials to your site and unload.

It all adds up to six months on average.


Q. Do I need to have a weather tight storage area for the materials?

A. No. The first delivery (Lock-Up Stage) is delivered on pallets and weather will not affect them. (There are boxes of hardware that will need to be placed in a shed or under cover, however these don’t take up much room). The internal kit and the kitchen will be delivered at your request after you have reached Lock-up stage and are weather tight.

Frame Noise

Q. I’ve heard that steel framed houses are noisy.

A. Some lesser quality steel frames can be noisy, especially those which are welded together. Paal frames are riveted and bolted together in a specially engineered way, which removes any movement, therefore it sits there more quietly than even a timber framed house.

Steel vs Timber

Q. What’s the advantage of steel over timber?

A. Here are just a couple of the reasons to choose a steel frame:

  • Paal’s high-tensile galvanized steel frame components are all of the highest quality without any defects such as warping or knots etc as found in timber.
  • A steel frame will maintain its integrity indefinitely without any issues such as rot or corrosion or termite infestation.
  • They are lighter yet stronger than timber, with no onsite cutting or drilling.
  • Paal steel frames are pre-punched with locating and service holes for electrical and plumbing, making our system very owner builder friendly.
  • And, Paal wall and roof frames are independently tested for superior strength by the CSIRO.

100% Australian

Q. Are Paal frames made from Australian steel?

A. Yes, we use (and have always used) High-Tensile BlueScope steel for the manufacture of all our framing components, and they are all manufactured at our factory in Sydney, 100% Australian made.

Build Time

Q. How long will it take me to build?

A. This will depend on the individual owner builder or builder, the level of expertise, how many hours a day and how many days a week you are prepared to put into the project.

  • For example getting to lock up stage can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks after the slab or floor is down.
  • The internal fix out (gyprock, doors, skirting boards and so on) can take anywhere from 4- 6 weeks.
  • And the final fit out (tiles, kitchen and pc’s and painting) can take another 4-5 weeks.

Getting to lock-up stage can be weather dependent, and all stages can be subject to trade availability or your personal time constraints.
When owner building, a good idea is to plan to take some work-leave to enable construction to Lock-up stage as quickly as possible because your job will be weather-tight from that point on.


Q. Do you have builders who can do the job for me?

A. Depending on location, we do have a network of recommended builders we can put you in touch with, or we can offer suggestions on the best way to source local trades people with you becoming the ‘Project manager’. We can give you estimates on what builders and trades charge, to help you budget. Just give us a call 1800 024 912

Slab or Raised?

Q. Do kit homes have to be built on a slab, or can they have a raised floor?

A. Paal Homes can be built on any floor system including slab or a raised floor system. However a slab is encouraged for thermal reasons, and is a cheaper option. If you require a raised floor system, there may be additional insulation requirements to achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating, (depending on site location).
Paal housing consultants can advise and help you to source a raised floor system if this is required. They can also give you advice on cost estimates for either a slab or a raised floor system.

Energy Rating

Q. Are Paal kit homes 6 Star Energy Rated?

A. An energy rating reflects how much artificial heating and cooling is needed to keep the inside temperature of your home within a comfortable range.
The rating is usually accessed by the design of the home, the construction and insulation materials used and the orientation of the home. Paal Kit Homes can achieve a high 6 Star thermal energy efficiency rating, talk to one of our Housing Design Consultants for the full details.


Q. Where do you deliver and what is the charge?

A. We deliver throughout Australia. The charge will be determined by the site location. Our consultants can give you a price for delivery, just call 1800 024 912.


Q. How does your payment structure work – do you require progress payments?

A. Our progress payment structure works as follows :

  • An initial deposit of 5% gets you started with plans and documentation and securing your contract price for 12 months.
  • A progress payment of 10% is due approximately six weeks prior to the first delivery, (after Council approval). At this stage you will receive your personalised instruction manual and associated plans so you can familiarise yourself with the contents.
  • Lock-up kit payment is due upon delivery of the lock-up materials
  • The balance due upon internals order.

A comprehensive cost breakdown for these payments will be provided by your Paal consultant.


Q. Who owns Paal?

A. It is still a family business .. Since 1970. Read about our history