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The Camden is just 13 metres wide and is suited for a corner block in town or for acreage out of town. PAAL Australia NSW, VIC, QLD.



The family wanted their new home to look like the old one.

Ray Davis is a man who likes to take on new challenges. So when it came to building his family home, naturally he was keen to do it himself.

The result is a beautiful residence with a stunning sandstone exterior, commanding centre stage in the front paddock of the family's property in Aberdeen, Upper Hunter.


We guarantee that you can build it!

Paal customer service manager Liz Pratt (left) with one of our home builders Joe Muscat.

Paal customer service manager Liz Pratt (left)
with one of our home builders Joe Muscat.

Yes, you can build your own Paal home. We guarantee this, in writing.

"Our unique assurance is that you will be able to construct one of Paal's homes by following our detailed plans and instructions. We also guarantee that all the product components you need for your home will be supplied complete and free from defects."

The Paal package doesn't end when we deliver your home kit. An important part of the guarantee is our after-sales service that ensures you are never left on your own during construction.


Paal is standing by to assist you as required. Once you've made your design choices and the first delivery has arrived, we'll work with you as needed to make sure the build goes smoothly.

Our customer service manager Liz Pratt is available by phone, text or email to help smooth out any wrinkles or to ensure the instruction manual is being correctly interpreted.

"The great thing about building with Paal is that we are there to support you from beginning to end if required," she says,


Liz built her own five bedroom Paal home in 2014 so she knows the process from first hand and understands the difficulties that can arise. "My experience is a massive help to me when I'm in the position of guiding others," she says.

"From page one of the instruction manual right through to the end, nothing in the building process will be too hard for you to accomplish. We're always here to help."


Product development manager Philip Weymouth designs Paal's homes as well as writes and illustrates the instruction manual.

"We assemble your customised manual from our information base of more than 700 pages and 1000 illustrations. Your manual includes any design changes that you have asked for," he says.

Customer feedback is directed from Liz to Philip to ensure that the instructions are straightforward and comprehensible, which is an important aspect of the Paal guarantee.

"Both the words and illustrations must be as clear as possible, so that the build goes smoothly, without hitches," he says.


"We are always improving and updating our manuals. This continuous improvement process includes accommodating the requirements of new legislation and updated building standards."

Like Liz, Philip has built his own Paal home, as well as many associated structures such as garages and roofs. His 35 years of professional practice combines hands-on experience with academic credentials in both building design and certification.

So with Paal's experience and expertise to back you up, we can ensure that you will be able to build and complete your home. It's guaranteed!

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