Country home that will last for generations

Darryl Adams, a fifth generation farmer in southern Queensland, chose a Paal home for his family because he wanted a strong and durable home that would be there for more than a lifetime.

With his wife Hayley and two young children, Darryl works 10,000 acres of cattle country near Maidenwell, in partnership with his grandfather and two uncles.

The family were living in town but wanted to move back onto the land. Darryl was attracted to the idea of a steel-framed house, because of its resistance to both termites and bushfires. He also sought a robust home that would last for generations.

He didn’t want to build in pine, and the hardwood alternative of ironbark was considered difficult to work with.

Darryl decided on the Paal brand because the company has been operating for more than 40 years. “Their experience sold them to us. If they’ve been going that long, they must be doing something right.”

With Hayley, he selected one of Paal’s larger designs, the four bedroom Camden, and did nearly all the construction work himself, helped by relatives.

“I’m a farmer and try to tackle most things on the farm. I found the home-building project to be very straightforward. My family lent their support, giving a hand with the iron roof, the exterior concrete panels, and the plaster-boarding.

“The framing came together really well and the roof trusses were a perfect fit. My grandpa was amazed at the amount of bolts, screws and rivets that were used to ensure the strength of the frame.

“I’m a very fussy builder, so I took my time. I wanted a house that would last. The good result we achieved was definitely worth the investment of time.”

He called Paal’s operations manager John Noye on occasions for help. “John was very supportive and knew the answers. I was very impressed by that.”

Darryl built his home on days when the farm work was quiet. “Now that it’s finished, Hayley and I are very proud and satisfied. My relatives are also impressed at how well the home has come together.”