Perfectly planned for all the family

When Peter and Julie Swan decided to build on their seven-acre block in the South Coast’s Shoalhaven, they wanted the opportunity to be able to share the property with their extended family. “We discussed with the family what may work and in the end our son and daughter-in-law decided to sell up and help us build an intergenerational home,” says Peter.

It was the perfect plan for both parties. “They’ve got four children, so they’ve got room for the kids,” says Peter. ‘And they can help us with maintenance as we get older.”

However, the couple had trouble finding a project home company prepared to build it – until they tried Paal Kit Homes. “We didn’t see much else that would have worked,” says Peter. “Because we were doing something different – a big home for so many people – we wanted to be flexible with the plans.” The couple had heard of Paal and liked their designs, so met with Michael Christie and took it from there. “The process with Michael was really good,” says Julie.

The couple chose the Camden, however made significant modifications to create a seven-bedroom home that allowed both families their own space and opportunity to support each other.

Peter and Julie were able to organise their area to include a generous open plan living/dining area to host their very large family. “Most Sundays, we have a big meal together, so we needed enough room to accommodate up to 20 people,” says Julie. “We were able to get that with Paal.”

Peter project managed the build, arranging trades accordingly, which was cost effective yet challenging, as he was working part time. However, Paal’s flexibility certainly helped. “We had changes during the build and were able to modify things as we went,” he says.

Now the home is finished, the couple is delighted. ‘We’re very happy with it,” says Peter. “I was very happy with the support and help from Paal and I’ve recommended them to others since.”

And is the family they share the home with happy too? “Yes,” says Peter. “They’ve got live-in babysitters – so they’re happy!”