Exactly what was needed

Originally Frank and Catherine Sant wanted to buy a home in Cattai on Sydney’s outskirts. They missed out on the purchase, but loved the area so much, they bought a two-acre block and started from scratch.

“Paal was pretty much our first go-to,” says Frank. “We were familiar with their products, and we knew being out here, we wanted a steel frame home for the bushfire and termite situation – and they definitely provided the country style we were going for.”

The couple met with Michael Christie who adapted the Hawkesbury to suit their vision. “Michael literally made happen what we were describing with a click of his mouse,” says Frank. “It was exactly the format we needed to get the outcome we wanted.”

The couple added a sizeable teenage retreat, with bathroom, laundry, living room and space for a kitchenette. “We added that to the plan, as opposed to building a separate granny flat for the kids as they get older to help them with rent and save money,” says Frank.

This was an affordable way achieve the extra space, not only for the future, but also for friends and family who come to stay. “The materials were less than $30,000,” says Frank. “That would have been a $100,000 addition as a stand-alone on the property.”

The couple owner managed the build, organising the trades as needed, which proved extremely cost effective, especially as they helped with the labouring. “We did a fair bit of hands-on work,” says Frank. “We could take the mundane jobs off their hands, which helped us financially.”

Overall, the couple was very happy with Paal and has already recommended them to others. “The process was quite easy and Paal is fantastic to deal with,” says Frank. “If we needed more time before a delivery, Michael would say, ‘We can put that off, how much time do your need?’.”

Frank was also impressed by the quality of the products, as was their meticulous cabinetmaker who installed their Paal kitchen. “He’s worked for the top kitchen companies in Sydney,” says Frank. “He said the manufacturing of Paal was one the highest he’d come across.”

Now the home is complete, the Sant family is thrilled. “We love it,” says Catherine. “Absolutely love it.” And they’re not the only ones.

“Our builder who framed the house had never come across the product before, and now wants to build one himself,” says Frank. “He’s selling up, buying in Mudgee and wants exactly what we have!”