Bushfire family enjoy new Paal home

One lucky Kinglake family were winners of a Paal kit home in a free lottery for people who lost their houses in the Victorian bushfires, have moved into their new home.

Around 600 families in the area left homeless after the blaze that destroyed Kinglake and the surrounding region.

“Everyone felt tremendous sympathy for the people affected by the bushfires,” said Charlie Scerri, Paal representative in Victoria. “By helping the recovery of a single family, Paal has added to the efforts of many others who extended a helping hand.”

The prize winning family chose the Windsor design, a Victorian-style home of 28 squares under roof with verandahs on two sides.

The kit home included all building materials from the floor up, delivered to their site, as well as council drawings, full assembly instructions and technical support from Paal.

The family made minor changes to the Windsor, enlarging the pantry and combining two bedrooms into one. “These design changes were very simple and straightforward for Paal”.

A local builder erected the house, which is on the same site as the almost 100-year-old home they lost to the fires.

Commenting on the completed home, “It’s gorgeous-looking, airy and spacious, with lots of storage. We think it’s just beautiful. Everyone who sees it loves it.

“Our family would like to thank everyone at Paal, including proprietor Chris Nobis and his wife Ursula, for their most beautiful and generous gift at such a difficult time.”

They now were looking forward to living in their new home and would highly recommend Paal to other homebuilders.

“They were brilliant professionally, very accommodating, and lovely to deal with on a personal level as well. We just can’t thank them enough,”.