Isolation no obstacle to single-handed construction

Colin and Leigh on verandah with coffee

When Colin and Leigh Hunt decided to owner build their own retirement home in the bush, they didn't let the isolation of the property deter them.

They wisely chose a kit home to achieve as much cost saving as possible and so that Colin would be able to complete the home largely single-handed.

The home is based on Paal's Elizabeth model, although the floor design is their own. Long and low with verandahs on four sides, the ranch style house has a "bagged" cream finish to give it an historical colonial appearance.

kit home with all round verandah

It takes full advantage of the natural beauty of Colin and Leigh's 90 hectare property near Oberon in the Central Tablelands, 45 minutes drive from Bathurst. 

"Now that it's completed, there is no greater feeling of satisfaction than to stand back and say "I built that home".

"There was nothing hard about it, but it teaches you that patience is a virtue, that you can't rush these things."

"In my business career, I have found that people let you down, for one reason or another - but Paal always delivered more than they promised." Colin said.