A new home – thanks to Paal, themselves and a shared ambition

Lindy Bennett and Rose Uwins used teamwork and a shared ambition to successfully create a Paal home on their 55-acre block in Greymare, Queensland.

Both with a keen interest in building, Lindy and Rose were determined to make it happen. “A house had always been on my bucket list,” Rose said. “We were looking at different kit homes and Paal, with the comprehensive kit they provided, made it easy to choose.”

The couple opted for the Elizabeth design. Michael Christie of Paal helped them with modifications. They added storage cupboards, boosted the size of the laundry and bathroom, and in fact enlarged the entire house. “Michael was fantastic throughout the process,” Lindy said.

The couple lived in a shed onsite and fitted the project around full-time employment. “We own a little cleaning business,” Lindy said. “After finishing for the day, we’d come home and work on the house.”

The process was a smooth one. Rose read the manual, working out what had to be done. “It was easy to follow, and the arrival of all the products fell into place as we went along,” she said.

“If any issues arose, we put our heads together to find a resolution and work out the best way forward,” Lindy said.

Friends nearby, who had already built a Paal home, provided great help, support and encouragement throughout the build.

The couple also found Paal to be tremendously supportive and cannot speak highly enough of the staff, particularly Liz Pratt and Michael. “If we ever did have problems, we contacted Liz, and if she couldn’t answer our question, she was back to us within half an hour,” Rose said.

Lindy and Rose knew what they wanted for the home interiors and opted for many of the Paal fittings. “We really liked their range, which made it easy to choose,” Lindy said.

With the project completed, the couple are immensely proud of their achievement and have already recommended Paal Kit Homes to others.

Best of all, they have a home that is cosy, warm and beautiful – and they’re not the only ones to think so. “Everyone who comes here comments on the quality of the house. They can’t believe we built it!” Rose said.