Our own home the way we like it.

With the high cost of renovating, more and more homeowners are saving big money by becoming kit home owner builders.

Modern kit homes come complete with major components like wall and roof frames pre-made, ready to assemble on site.

The technological advances in steel framing made in recent years allows the home owner to choose from larger and more complex designs with the flexibility to make changes to suit individual tastes.

One couple who built a kit home are Dee’anne Hayes and Pieter Jongenburger from Emerald in Queensland.

Dee’anne and Pieter have lived happily in their kit home for two years, and are delighted to welcome any visitors who want to see for themselves, what an excellent decision they made in choosing a Kit Home as the way to go.

“Especially when it’s with Paal Kit Homes, which was the best decision we ever made,” said Dee’anne.

“When people are building their home, it’s a massive leap – and a very expensive exercise. Its understandable people can be unsure of the best way to proceed, but once they see our home – they love it.”

“The whole Paal company was fantastic to deal with - especially Phillip the Sales Manager who’s based in Caboolture and travels through our region, was all we could have asked for from the beginning, as well as so knowledgeable – he answered all our questions and delivered exactly what we were looking for in a large home,” said Dee’anne.

Dee’Anne and Pieter chose a 4 bedroom Hawkesbury and are impressed by the spaciousness and “wide open” ambience, the generous hallways, pantries and walk-in robes as well as the tall ceilings they offer.

“With a Paal Kit Home, everything is planned for you – our home is one of the bigger designs but quite a few are smaller – they have something to suit all tastes and individual needs.”

Dee’anne’s partner Pieter said choosing a Paal Kit Home had proved to be a lot more economical than building in the conservative sense. “Everything fell into place”. He couldn’t speak highly enough of the service and attention paid to his and Dee’anne’s preferences and needs.

“We chose quite a large home, which we anticipate to be a very wise future investment – some of the larger designs – even larger than our 4 bedroom home seem perfect for larger blocks on the outskirts of a city, or on rural properties.” Pieter said some people have the perception that the entire home “comes on the back of a truck, in a slapdash fashion – but nothing could be further from the truth.”

“The finished product – our beautifully built home is just as good, if not better (and certainly more economical) than other methods – probably a lot quicker too.”

“Each year at Emerald’s big Ag-Grow event in July, Paal Kit Homes have a display and organise an Open Day where visitors are welcome to come and look around our home – they certainly seem to like what they see”.