True Blue... Jane & Paul's new Paal Homestead

Building a new homestead on a remote Australian cattle station was a real challenge that Jane and Paul Stone met in a practical manner - by having their home prepared off-site and transported in. Constructing a kit home was a sensible way of overcoming the extreme isolation of the property they manage for Heytesbury Beef at Mt Sanford, south west of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

The couple chose a steel framed home based on Paal's Riverina model, which they altered by adding extra bedrooms and changing the lounge room, dining and study areas to create private office space.

The house kit had been transported from Sydney in one load spread over two trailers. "Not a single glass pane was broken. Paal did everything really well that way," Jane recalled.

"The other important thing for us up here was that all fixtures and fittings were included in the kit and in the price. Other kit home we looked at weren't so inclusive.

"A further reason for choosing a Paal kit home was that the company has been in business for many years, which gave us confidence in them. And they were willing and knowledgeable about sending a house kit this distance," she said.