Family build one of Paal’s largest homes

Kevin Lee wanted to create a luxurious and practical home for his immediate and extended family, so chose and altered one of Paal’s biggest designs, the Richmond.

He and his wife Kettie owned a generous block in a prestigious greenbelt area in Brisbane. “We needed a large home to have room for my parents’ privacy – and for our active teenage sons,” he said.

Kevin works in the tech industry, and despite having no prior experience at building anything more complex than his computer, was ready to undertake the ambitious project.

Grand entry hallway of Richmond kit home

Kevin: “I needlessly worried that Paal would think I was being too detailed.”


Paal accommodated the Lees’ homebuilding vision, helping them rework the standard Richmond floorplan.

The home has enlarged ensuites and the addition of two living areas, a media room, a bar room, and a triple garage. The under-roof area was increased by 70m2 to an extensive 540m2 footprint.

The couple tackled the construction themselves, with the assistance of Kevin’s father, and the boys who helped to complete small jobs.

“I wanted my children to be proud to say that their father and mother built their home,” Kevin said.

Rustic contemporary kitchen with optional extras

“We were in control and could design exact what we wanted,” he said.


Paal’s staff in Brisbane and Emu Plains provided invaluable and unstinting support throughout the project, he said. “I needlessly worried that Paal would think I was being too detailed.

“As the build progressed, we became faster at completing the work. Compared to how houses are made in Taiwan, this is a very different style of construction. The structure of our Paal home is superior in quality.


“Building ourselves was more satisfying than hiring tradespeople. We were more in control of each aspect of the project and could design exactly what we wanted.”

At the end, the family gained something else as well – a sense of accomplishment. “We feel very proud when visitors say, ‘Wow! You and your family built this house? What an excellent job!’ ”

Kevin Lee & Sons standing infront of home he built

Kevin Lee and sons: “Building ourselves was more satisfying than hiring tradespeople.”