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The Camden is just 13 metres wide and is suited for a corner block in town or for acreage out of town. PAAL Australia NSW, VIC, QLD.


City music store couple owner built their own country home

Sharon and Gary Meyers wanted a large colonial-style home to suit their 25 acres of land with its very broad, 200 metre frontage.

“We looked at all the project homes, but they just had standard plans with few wide-block designs,” recalled Sharon. “There were one or two, but not enough variety for us.”

Easy to owner build steel frame kit home with full construction manual and after sales service

The couple also had their sights set on a steel framed house, because the area they were building in – Mulgoa at the foot of the Blue Mountains – is very termite-prone, as well as being at risk from bushfires. “It seemed a sensible decision to build in steel,” she said. “We looked at the kit home concept, thought long and hard, and decided we could do it. It seemed quite easy, just like a big meccano set.

The couple saved money by owner building themselves. They carefully costed everything, including the price of tradesmen for the concrete slab, brickwork and plasterboard, and the licensed electrician and plumber. They kept to their budget throughout the building process. Their six year old son helped during construction. “It was a really good building experience. The manual from Paal was very explicit and very easy to follow. My husband said he would do it all again,” Sharon said. 

“It’s great – very liveable. We’re very happy with our new home,” Sharon and Gary said.

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