Big home-building project tackled with confidence

Building Paal’s largest kit home model The Castlereagh was a big project that Mike and Gail Kerrison of Young, New South Wales, tackled in a straightforward manner - with a highly successful outcome.

The five bedroom Castlereagh is a traditional rural Australian homestead that they modified by extending the verandah all the way around to take advantage of the 360 degree views.

“Because we had no restrictions on the block width, the Castlereagh – which is a very wide house – suited us perfectly. And the generous room sizes mean we can always accommodate the children and grandchildren who we have staying most weekends,” Mike said.

Mike, who has overseen the building of many houses as a property developer, was more than impressed with Paal. “We looked at quite a few other suppliers, but the beauty of a Paal kit home was that we had total flexibility with the design and could change the house layout if we wanted to.

Steel framed homes are also a lot stronger than timber, which all my previous houses were built from. And Paal saved us from having to source and assemble all the materials and components ourselves,” he said.