Economical way of achieving an investment property

Tony Crocker built his second Paal home as an investment property after earlier building with Paal for his daughter Naomi. And he says he would consider doing another one.

His latest house, a Kiama design, adjoins Tony’s own home in Arcadia, a rural suburb of Sydney. Tony’s daughter and her husband are living in the amended Fitzroy design that’s directly behind Tony’s new house.

Both were constructed by Ray Collier, one of Paal’s recommended builders who has constructed many homes for Paal customers.

The investment property, now tenanted, looks out onto 150 acres and is finished in a charming cottage style with sandstone blocks lining the entranceway, bullnose verandahs, decorative verandah brackets, and finials atop the gables.

He first tried working with another home supplier, but found it a frustrating experience, due to dealing with so many different people at the company. “By contrast, it was so easy working with Paal, which is why I came back to them.

“You can sit in their office and make all your desired changes on-screen. The process is very simple and I’d recommend it to anyone.

“We altered some of the internal fittings with no trouble whatsoever. Paal were amenable to my ideas and could accommodate all the changes.

“The finish on the home is great, and the inclusions in the kitchen and bathroom are all quality fixtures, nothing second rate.”

Tony had no difficulty in leasing his new house and found the right tenants within a couple of weeks. After two successful projects, Tony said he would certainly consider building with Paal a third time.

“The present one turned out to be an economical way of achieving an investment property, for sure. I think we got excellent value.”