Gus and Maggie designed for their retirement

For their golden years, Gus and Maggie Wilson of Poona, Queensland chose a Paal home because of its functionality and affordability. They also wanted a design that they could easily modify.

“We were downsizing from our previous residence and put a lot of effort into creating a home that meets our retirement lifestyle needs,” Gus says.

“We added a walk-in pantry as well as an alfresco area at the rear. We’re so happy with the alfresco, as it’s where we spend most of our time.”

Maggie asked Paal to provide a separate media room, and the couple added double doors, so that they can easily close off this large space. “Maggie watches her shows and I can watch the cricket or footy without disturbing each other,” Gus says.

The couple lived in a shed on the side of the property while Gus constructed the home, which was completed in just under seven months, before Christmas of the same year.

Apart from the roof and licensed trades work, he completed the entire build himself. “The entire process was faultless. I erected the frames using a trestle, with occasional assistance from my neighbour to lift the heavy sections,” Gus says.

“The instruction manual which I call ‘The Bible’ that Paal provide is excellent and has all the information you need.

“I was happy working on the house from daylight to dusk seven days a week, but Maggie put her foot down and said I had to take a day off.”

Gus says doing it himself saved a lot of money. He was able to complete the home with all its inclusions for the same price as his neighbour who, by comparison, only managed to complete his kit home (from a different kit home company) to Lock Up stage.

The couple enjoy their quiet neighbourhood and being close to the water with views to Fraser Island through the trees. They often see dugongs and turtles on their walks.

“Recently we experienced a huge storm where a few large trees nearby were uprooted, but everything held together in our home,” Gus says.

“Some of my neighbours have built kit homes and they remarked how quickly and easily ours went up. People who have seen the house are impressed by the quality of the components and fittings – as are Maggie and I.”

“If anyone asks whether I’d recommend a Paal home, I’d tell them yes, one hundred percent.”