Colonial Style Kit Homes

Colonial Style Kit Homes have always been very popular for those living on acreages and that suit the landscape and lifestyle. We offer a wide range of style options; however, our designs of Australian Colonial styles have been seen to be most popular over the years. Feel completely at ease with our plans and kits to create a fantastic home for you and your family.

Being all of the highest materials and products, we aim to provide Australian families colonial style homes that are completely durable, practical yet all the while still unique. We understand that everyone has their own specific taste and style, that’s why we give you the flexibility and freedom to add, alter and change our current plans to make it truly yours.

Colonial Style homes are a very traditional sort of design that have very extravagant features. This elegant style is spacious and take advantage of the large space. We have designed our colonial style kit homes in a way that enhances detail and also accommodates for family life. Being given only the highest quality of materials, we know that your colonial style home is strong against the extremities of the Australian weather and stands durable.

With our Home Kits, we deliver everything you need right down to the last screw and bolt. Our customers are often relieved to find out that almost everything you need is included in the kit, giving them 100% control of the building process. Of course, our PAAL consultants will be with you every step of the way, offering advice and guidance when you need to ensure the building a home journey is an enjoyable one.