Country Kit Homes

Our wide collection of styles of Kit Homes range from classic, colonial and country. To suit the Australian landscape, Country Style Homes have definitely made their mark within the housing market. This style has been very popular due to their vast spacing and flexibility of design.

PAAL offers Country Style Kit Homes that offer unique designs, and a complete kit that covers almost everything to the last bolt and screw. Not only do we provide you a Home Kit, but we also offer help and guidance to you every step of the way. With 48 years of experience with home kits and instruction manuals, we guarantee that our expert advice will lead you in the right direction in creating the country style home you desire.

Our Country Style Kit homes have been specifically designed for the Australian country and outdoor lifestyle. We take advantage of the open spaces and acreages to accommodate for the country style way of life. Our designs come in different styles depending on your preference and use the country landscape to make the house a home.

Country Style Homes have been selected by our customers because of the increased alteration freedom they have with our plans. We understand that each person and family have their own unique style and taste, and this is why PAAL’s interior layouts can definitely be modified. We think it’s important to give our customers that extra flexibility when needed, because we want you to add small details to your home. Customise our plans to create the country style home of your dreams.